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Seven Days Finalist- VT’s Best

Thank you for this nomination in Seven Days, Vermont for the VT’s BEST CANNABIS GROWER category! As primarily sun-grown producers, we’re humbled and grateful for this inclusion. Final Voting opens...

Cold Cured Flower Rosin

Rosin is an unprocessed and pure, full-spectrum extract mechanically pressed from the whole flower. The process is as pure and simple as placing the flower between two metal plates on...

Solventless Hash Rosin Vapes

Our Hash Rosin Vape Carts are the ultimate on-the-go experience. We offer our premium, solventless, cannabis oil in a potent, discrete and tasty form. We use fully dried, perfectly cured...

Pop-Up Vendor Events at VT Dispensaries: Spring

We hope to connect with you soon. Here are some of our upcoming vendor events in the commUNITY.  

What’s special about Family Tree

Pop-Up Vendor Events at VT Dispensaries

We hope to connect with you soon. Here are some of our upcoming vendor events in the commUNITY.

Everybody Loves the Sunshine

SUNSHINE #4 BRED BY BODHI SEEDS, PHENOTYPE HUNTED + GROWN BY FAMILY TREE  For your listening pleasure: https://youtu.be/nC9dQOnUyao (Chem Dog 4 x Sunshine Daydream) Family: 50/50- Well-Balanced Hybrid Indoor Terpene Profile:...

Chem Spill

CHEM SPILL ((Triangle Kush x Chem D) x AVL)) Burnt rubber and farm dirt meet diesel and lime. These flowers are loud, fragrant, and frosty. The TK & ChemD lineage...

WCAX Feature- Reflections on 1st Year

                Vermont’s new industry looks ahead after a strong 1st year. Watch the full story here. By Melissa Cooney Published: Aug. 15, 2023...

Solventess THC Soaking Salts

Did you know we have endocannabinoid receptors in our skin? Will you get high from this topical product? NO. Might it relax you in a unique and powerful way? YES....

Field Trip

I guess a good place to start is my family. My mom is Forum Girl Scout Cookies…. My dad is Sunshine Day Dream. My sister’s name is Day Trip. They...

THC Craft Cannabis

Soothing, smokable craft cannabis by Family Tree is homegrown on our certified organic VT family farm. We are licensed in Vermont as mixed tier cultivators, meaning that we can grow...

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