Solventless Hash Rosin Vapes

Our Hash Rosin Vape Carts are the ultimate on-the-go experience. We offer our premium, solventless, cannabis oil in a potent, discrete and tasty form. We use fully dried, perfectly cured flower, extracted by expert hash makers. The flower and oil within our carts is hand-crafted, terpene-rich, and unadulterated. Though our growing practices and solventless methods require more time and effort than other means, we find superior flavor, cannabinoid profiles, and what feels like a clean, smooth experience.

There’s ONLY cannabis concentrate inside our carts. We use ZERO additives, thinners, or thickeners (MCT oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Honey Cut, Propylene Glycol, or Vitamin E oil). There are ZERO added or artificial, botanically derived, or food grade terpenes. We use ceramic cartridges, designed to meet rigorous heavy-metal testing requirements.


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