Organic Farm

THC Craft Cannabis

Soothing, smokable craft cannabis by Family Tree is homegrown on our certified organic VT family farm. We are licensed in Vermont as mixed tier cultivators, meaning that we can grow...

THC Pre-Rolls

Family Tree wraps all of our pre-rolls with organic RAW hemp papers. The only ingredient inside of these hemp fiber papers is our premium, sun-grown cannabis, grown here on our...

Sunshine 4 Review

Thank you Heady Vermont for visiting the farm and the Sunshine 4 review. We appreciate all you do for the cannabis community here in VT. “Sunshine #4 is a bright, balanced...

Presence for Family and a Burgeoning Cannabusiness

“Jane’s responsible for running the business as Ben runs the farm and production. Her career is rooted in holistic living.⁠” – @vtwomenpreneurs ⁠ Here’s an except from Jane’s recent story share...

A Cannabis Farm for a Better Tomorrow

We run our family farm for a better tomorrow. Our business and cultivation choices are based on how we can contribute to a healthier world, not just the bottom line.

Sheldon Springs, VT: Why Opt-In to Retail Cannabis?

Hi. It’s me, Jane. Here to talk respectfully about cannabis. When can an adult 21+ in VT legally purchase cannabis flowers in a retail location? Act 164, sets the framework...

6 Reasons to Choose Family Tree Hemp Co.

Is all CBD created equal? Are all products the same? We’d say no. Here are a few reasons to choose Family Tree Hemp Co.

Farm Sunset at Family Tree Cannabis Co.

Let the judgements of your mind be just that. You exist beyond that. Everything that you don’t need you CAN let go of.

Hi Ladies! Sing to the Plants

Sing to the ladies. “It’s nice to see ya.”

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