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A Cannabis Farm for a Better Tomorrow

We run our family farm for a better tomorrow. Our business and cultivation choices are based on how we can contribute to a healthier world, not just the bottom line.

Scenes from the Winter Market

We lovermont and @loveburlington! So cool to be a part of this European-style market and vibrant city. We enjoyed spending the weekend in City Hall Park, meeting many new friends and...

6 Reasons to Choose Family Tree Hemp Co.

Is all CBD created equal? Are all products the same? We’d say no. Here are a few reasons to choose Family Tree Hemp Co.

Hi Ladies! Sing to the Plants

Sing to the ladies. “It’s nice to see ya.”

What Makes Family Tree Unique?

Family Tree Hemp Co. is our labor of love. Our uniqueness comes from our solventless, single-source, vertically-integrated approach and the House Blend we’ve created (read more below), along with our...

Don’t give up.

Great lesson from our little: Don’t give up. Don’t take yourself too seriously. 🌞  

Light at the end of the Tunnel

The road to running @thisisfamilytree hasn’t always been smooth or straight forward- but being here now feels so good. When things seem to be falling apart, crumbling beneath you, trying your last...

Chop Wood, Carry Water.

Chop wood, carry water.

Hemp Grower Magazine- Part II

Hemp Grower M A G A Z I N E . February 2021 issue“10 Business Lessons Learned From Farmers’ First Hemp Harvests”- Part II -written by Jolene Hansen “In Part II...

Hemp Grower Magazine Feature

Hemp Grower M A G A Z I N E . January 2021 issue“10 Business Lessons Learned From Farmers’ First Hemp Harvests” -written by Jolene Hansen “In Part I of this...

Healthy Roots

Healthy soil and roots make clean products that are rich in cannabinoids. For living organic soil farmers this is a sign of good management of the soil microbiome. The difficult...

The Road Home

Do you find that your road feels even better on the way home? Almost there… @thisisfamilytree

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