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Farm Sunset at Family Tree Cannabis Co.

Let the judgements of your mind be just that. You exist beyond that. Everything that you don’t need you CAN let go of.

Smokable Craft CBD- 2021 Harvest Menu

More cultivars coming soon! Family Tree Hemp Co. is a certified organic farm, with a certified organic hemp crop. We offer multiple indoor and sun-grown CBD flower cultivars (with varying potencies...

New Retailer Alert! City Market

Family Tree Hemp Co. is honored and excited to announce that you can now purchase our gummies and skincare at City Market Downtown and South End locations.  

Hi Ladies! Sing to the Plants

Sing to the ladies. “It’s nice to see ya.”

New Indoor CBD Test Results

INDOOR SMOKEABLE CBD 💚 New tests results are in for the latest harvest. High CBD! Indoor varieties range from 15.5-19.85% CBD content. Grab some fresh stinky CBD flower from one...

What is CBD Kief or Dry Sift?

We collect CBD trichomes (resin glands), by sifting them through a mesh screen and continue to finer screen them. The trichomes collected are called Kief. The potency is high. We...

What is hemp?

Hemp is historically one of the most helpful and used plants on Earth. Humans have employed various parts of the hemp plant for eons for food, textiles, paper, fabric, and...

Chop Wood, Carry Water.

Chop wood, carry water.

Sharing our Voice on Act 164

Thanks to NOFA VT, Rural VT, and VGA for arranging Small Farm Action Day Meet and Greet (3/17/21): a joint hearing with both agriculture committees in the VT Senate and House,...

How much CBD do I take?

We recommend that you speak with your physician to find the right dose of CBD for you. Although your provider may not be an expert in CBD, your doctor can...

Vermont Made: VTers Stick Together

The other day we had the pleasure of speaking to a regional sales buyer for some large NE stores. That buyer explained to us “Vermonters stick together. Vermonters like to...

Hemp Grower Magazine- Part II

Hemp Grower M A G A Z I N E . February 2021 issue“10 Business Lessons Learned From Farmers’ First Hemp Harvests”- Part II -written by Jolene Hansen “In Part II...

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