Family Tree on Vermont Public

Bob Kinzel visits Family Tree

This segment of Brave Little State on Vermont Public, “The entrepreneurial spirit of Vermont’s cannabis and hemp growers,” includes Family Tree.

Listen to the audio above for whole story.  Fun side note! The host introducing the segment, Jenn Jarecki, is Jane’s twin sister.

Here’s an excerpt:

“ of the growers who is expanding from cannabis CBD products to cannabis THC products… is Family Tree Farm. They’re tucked away in a beautiful spot in Sheldon Springs, not far from the Canadian border. The farm is owned by Jane and Ben Lanza. Now, they take a very scientific approach to what they’re doing on their farm. Ben told me they use a so-called no-till approach to farming in order to strengthen the soil. So if you look out over their land, Mitch, you’ll see cannabis plants surrounded by a cover crop.

“So we’re really happy about this field and feel like it can be this funny thing where you show up and you’re like, ‘So where are the plants? Like where do you farm?’ And like, that’s it. That lawn you see right there — that’s where all the magic’s happening,” he said.

And Jane says they pay very close attention to every aspect of the growing business.

“We’re creating a flavor that’s very distinct to this region, that we hope becomes something like a native hop or a native grape in the wine industry — a flavor of Vermont that you’re going to only get from this process of embracing the natural elements that we’re growing in,” she said.

Jane is also hoping that, in the not too distant future, an agritourism industry will develop around cannabis and they’ll be giving tours of their farm.”

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