Presence for Family and a Burgeoning Cannabusiness

“Jane’s responsible for running the business as Ben runs the farm and production. Her career is rooted in holistic living.⁠” – @vtwomenpreneurs

Here’s an except from Jane’s recent story share at the Women’s Summit 2022.
“One main precept of Buddhism is that everyone suffers. In accepting this my lifelong commitment to healing myself and others deepened.

The grandness of the Himalayas helped me to know my smallness. I discovered at all times there is great wisdom around us and within us when we open to awareness. I followed my heart independently around the world until 2008 which ultimately led me home to VT and a shared path with my life and business partner Ben.

Just prior to Covid In 2019, I used personal empowerment and business coaching to come out of the cannabis closet and embrace my role in this evolving industry. I was certified in cannabis science and medicine through the Larner School of Medicine at UVM.” – Jane Lanza
.Watch the full reel and other inspiring stories via @vtwomenpreneurs⁠.

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