What Makes Family Tree Unique?

Family Tree Hemp Co. is our labor of love. Our uniqueness comes from our solventless, single-source, vertically-integrated approach and the House Blend we’ve created (read more below), along with our history, practices and our land.

1. Our Extraction Method

We use only gentle heat and pressure to extract our premium craft CBD concentrate. It is free of all solvents!
The most common method of extraction utilizes hydrocarbons (CO2, butane or propane) as a solvent to separate plant oil from other plant matter.
There are no chemicals used in solventless extraction. This produces a cleaner, higher-quality concentrate. . The cannabinoids, flavonoids, phytonutrients and other beneficial compounds included in our concentrate are proven to increase the benefits of each mg of CBD.

2. * Our House Blend

Although our hemp is the single source input for the HOUSE BLEND, we don’t use a single type of hemp in our products.  We carefully choose multiple types for a proprietary blend of uniquely concentrated CBD rosin (flower and sift) that we call our HOUSE BLEND. Our HOUSE BLEND (of select flower and sift rosins) is the basis of our entire product line. This consistently premium HOUSE BLEND is full of cannabinoids and offers a unique and diverse terpene profile that maximizes the effectiveness of each mg of CBD.

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