Our Story

We met when we were 22 by chance or by fate. We bonded over veggie sandwiches. Come to find out, we attended middle-schools nearby one another and the same cultural and sports events.

After high school we each ended up at Boston University and lived in dorms next to one another. Separately, at the same time, we grew sick of the scene there and transferred to the University of Vermont.

Still- we hadn’t met.

After graduating Jane moved out west and Ben travelled there repeatedly- to the same city where Jane lived.

As soon as Jane moved home to VT intuitively- we met.

The first time Jane came up to visit @thisisfamilytree where Ben grew up (now we own the farm), she walked the property and felt  overcome with emotion. Although we didn’t know in that moment why, it’s become clear. Seeing where Ben came from (for the first time), felt powerfully meaningful.

We came to throw large yoga and music festivals here, get married on the property, buy the house and farm, have home birth here- and now- we’re building our dream- Family Tree Hemp Co. on the land.

Inside the house that day, Jane spotted Ben’s favorite childhood stuffed animal. As a kid Ben cherished the exact same random pup plush that Jane had loved growing up 3,000 miles away.

There have been many twists and turns throughout our 15 years together traveling the world, working in the music, yoga, and engineering industries, starting a family…. but one thing remains steady for us- love will lead the way.

Family Tree Hemp Co. is our labor of love. Our uniqueness comes from our history, our practices, and our land.

Some days we fall to our knees, look up at the sky, or get really quiet and turn inward. We always remember- each day is a gift.

We love our community and want to hear more from you!

What’s your story?

What’s your dream?

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