Vermont Made: VTers Stick Together

The other day we had the pleasure of speaking to a regional sales buyer for some large NE stores.
That buyer explained to us “Vermonters stick together. Vermonters like to buy VT made. You can take a VT made product and that doesn’t translate to New Yorkers (for example) as a reason to buy. New York stores do better with nation-wide brands. Vermonters seem less interested in nationals than shopping local.”
Our goal is to create extraordinary products wherever they’re sold.
We do have a special spot for partnering with Vermonters though! We love to buy VT made products first.
Shout out to @vermontcompost for helping with our soil needs, to @cannatrol who created this internationally renowned cannabis “ cool cure” system, @cannaplanners for helping us launch our website and to @zenbarnfarms as our partner retailer for this @thisisfamilytree indoor hemp harvest shown here at their beautiful flower bar. 😊.

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