Sheldon, Vermont’s Mineral Springs

Image from Sheldon Historical Society

Image from Sheldon Historical Society
As written by the Sheldon Historical Society:

“Mineral Spring Report November 2017

On November 7, 2017 five individuals including 2 from Sheldon and 1 front Highgate along with geologists Dallas Abbott and Bill Manke took-up the exploration of known springs in Sheldon. Following research to locate and identify the springs from the 1871 Beers map, current land owners provided permission and directions for four existing springs. The geologist produced a professional report referred to above.

Newspapers, and books written close to the time of the “Tourist Boom” help authenticate the facts presented by historians
The Burlington Weekly Sentinel
(Burlington, VT)
Friday 22 Feb 1867 Page 3
The Burlington Free Press
(Burlington, VT) Thursday 16 July 1868

Sheldon Springs – “The healing virtues of the water of these Springs is rapidly acquiring celebrity as the wonderful cures it accomplishes multiply. So great is the demand for it from abroad that three or four men employed for the purpose are unable to supply the demand, although using the most improved apparatus for filling bottles and packing. Sheldon is making a preparation for a large influx of visitors with the coming of the warm season. Mr. Wright, the proprietor of the Central House has nearly completed a large addition to this hotel and will no doubt be overrun with guests. Mr. G. D. Thomas is also preparing the old ‘Squire Sheldon Place’ for the reception of summer boarders.”

Franklin County has already become justly celebrated as a place of summer resort, and the hotel accommodations of the county are now crowded to the utmost with the periodical pleasure and health seekers attracted by the now almost forgotten cool mountain air, the virtues of the various mineral springs, and the recreations which the county affords.
The Missisquoi, Vermont, and Sheldon Springs, at Sheldon, are by far the most popular favorites of the public, and that little village is crowded to the upmost capacity. Boarding houses.”


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