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February 2021 issue“10 Business Lessons Learned From Farmers’ First Hemp Harvests”- Part II

-written by Jolene Hansen

“In Part II of this two-part series, hemp farmers share hard-earned lessons they’ve learned in the industry’s formative years…

A tip from …
Ben and Jane Lanza, Owners, Family Tree LLC, Sheldon, Vt.
Ben and Jane Lanza grow artisanal hemp on the Vermont farm where Ben grew up. In keeping with Vermont tradition, they work to honor the land as they nurture the hemp they grow. The Lanzas launched an outdoor grow in 2019. In 2020, they added a 450-square-foot indoor growing environment as well.

Family Tree’s hand-crafted offerings include premium hemp flower from the indoor crop and full-spectrum organic cannabidiol (CBD) oil from the outdoor grow. Backgrounds in mechanical engineering, medicine and medicinal cannabis cultivation flavor their approach to growing and to business. The Lanzas share the following tip they’ve learned:

Make the most of your climate.
Vermont’s short growing season limits outdoor potential. But that’s good news for indoor hemp cultivators—a new category for Vermont in 2020. As a result, Family Tree scaled down from 900 to 300 plants outdoors and scaled up indoors last year.

Their indoor growing environment allows them to control elements such as light, pest management and mold prevention. It also allows year-round nurturing of the mother plants that provide clones for the outdoor grow.

“We have a very controlled, consistent variation of [hemp] that goes outside in our field …. So, besides the weather here, the growing indoors for us is a no-brainer,” Jane Lanza says.”

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