CBD For Meditation

There’s a long standing debate about whether achieving an awakened state is best without anything external or at a much faster pace with entheogens (plant medicine).

Both sides of the coin insist/believe that they’re correct. Our choice here is not to engage in this argument but rather to support the possibility that plants can open up new ways of thinking.

✨🌱 Have you experienced this? 🌱✨

Meditation and intuitive based movement practices require spacious mind- presence, connection, and awareness.

With the right set, setting, strain and ingestion method for the individual- cannabis can aid mindful embodiment. CBD can help one to comfortably exist in the here and now, to move beyond identification with every changing feeling and desire.

Entheogens can be a double edged sword. They have a dualistic expression that is not only positive. There is a sticky nature to them and it can be easy to get lost. The benefits can be vast- and perhaps also the illusion.

When moving beyond illusion, with or without cannabis, and past the “I,” the player can become the music. 👁

If it feels right to you, try our CBD and practice mediation.

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