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We wanted to share a sweet article that came out this week from Other Paper in South Burlington.
This feature highlights Magic Mann opening VT’s first cannabis cafe and includes quotes from Family Tree Hemp Co. as a local supplier.
Stop in today for some @magicmannvt products and support local!! 🌱

“One local producer Mann works with is Jane Lanza, main owner of Family Tree Hemp Company, a small family-run farm in Vermont.

“I think what Meredith is doing here is really special,” said Lanza. “As far as building a space where people can go visit, where the public can learn and try it without stigma, to be delighted in a sensory way — it’s a very bright introduction to CBD.”

Lanza is proud to work with Mann, another small local female-run business, making CBD more accessible. When the retail market for marijuana is officially legalized next year through a municipality opt-in method, Levy hopes that sustainability and equity in farming practices do not get lost in the rush for efficiency.

“We want Vermont to create a market that uplifts small farmers, people of color, and women — that’s what many people are fighting for in Montpelier,” said Lanza.”

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