Black Lives Matter

We’re here to listen, learn, and commit more deeply to being anti-racist all of the time. We’re a small, independently-owned business and we’re here to do our part. We’re insulated in a county that’s mostly white, in a state mostly white- and we recognize more than ever- we need to see bigger to be true allies.

First steps we’ve taken of many: Support local campaigns like this one, to “give back to communities impacted by racist drug war.”

We have made donations to:

Listening. (Learn more @instagram handles below)

Learning. (instagram handle to authors)
•Me and White Supremacy by @laylafsaad
•Mindful of Race by @ruthkingmindful
•My Grandmother’s Hands by @resmaamenakem
•White Fragility by Robin D’Angelo •Why We’re Polarized by @ezraklein
•Emergent Strategy by @adriennemareebrown

Ways you/we can help
Anti-Racism Resources

We’ll keep using platform to amplify Black stories, voices, activism, farming and art.

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